Tips on Writing An SEO Friendly Content

tips-to-write-seo-friendly-contentIt is not difficult to write an SEO friendly article. Writing one does not mean you need to promote and give positive comments about search engines.

You must realize that your articles must be conducive for the readers, not for the search engines. You are writing articles to cater the needs of the readers.

Search engines would only require you to write high-quality and interesting articles for their clients. An over-optimized page is not fun to visit.


Here are some tips on how to write an SEO friendly content.

• Provide relevant articles.
Mostly, search engines will know if your site offers high-quality and relevant articles. Inserting keywords that are not related to your site’s content is not allowed. Search engines will recognize if you have done this. If you do, you may get a lower ranking. But if you still do this for the second time, you may be banned by the search engine.

• Write conclusions at the start of the articles.
To rank higher in search engine results, you must include the main keyword in the first paragraph of your article.

For instance, if your article is about slow cooker recipes, then it is better to mention “slow cooker recipes” first in your introductory paragraph. You may also include this keyword in your title. You can use synonyms on the second and third paragraph.

• Make use of lists rather than paragraphs.
Lists are easily recognized by the search engines because they are easier to read. Search engines want their customers to easily read and understand information.

• Insert keywords in your links.
Search engines can easily recognize your topic if the keyword phrase is included in your page link.

If your topic is about slow cooker, then the site’s link must have “slow cooker” in it.
Do not include unrelated words in the link.

• Put some sub-headings on your articles.
Your articles will appear longer if you do not include subheadings.

It is better to incorporate subheadings that contain your keywords. You can use heading tags in making your subheads.

• Make sure to proofread your articles.
Keywords will not be conducive if they are spelled wrongly. Your articles will look more professional if your spelling, grammar and sentence construction are correct.

Extra SEO Considerations

tips-for-writing-seo-friendly-content-300x244Another important factor in SEO is repetition. After you decide on your specific keyword phrase, you need to write this for numerous times in the entire article.

You must scatter the keywords so that it won’t look like stuffed keywords. You can have 2 keywords in the introductory paragraph, 1 in each sub-heading, 3 times in other paragraphs and 1 in the title.

It will be better if you utilize the bold text feature for headings, and subheadings. You may also use heading tags and other forms of emphasis in highlighting your keywords.

However, you must not overdo it. Another form of highlighting keywords is to include them in pictures and links.

It will be easier for the readers to remember the topic if they will see it for several times. Only put keywords in less obvious areas.


SEO friendly content only requires you to provide something that can help people to solve their problems and to answer their questions.

Any article containing pleasant and accurate information is accepted by search engines.

A novice may find it confusing at the start. It will take time and dedication to master optimizing your website’s content.

Do not hesitate to consult other people regarding the search engine optimization. Many people can give you valuable suggestions for improving your articles and driving traffic to your site.