Making Your Golf Shoes Walk A Little Farther: Maintenance And Cleaning

Golf shoes Golf shoes may be the most important golfing equipment any golfer has. More than his own set of clubs, his personal caddy or even if he owns a golf cart, his shoes is perhaps his most vital weapon every time he plays golf. Most of the times, people only have one pair of golf shoes and use it every time they play golf. It is therefore no surprise that most golf shoes wear off over time.Usually, soles get destroyed, or insoles grow molds and make the golf shoes just unusable after a certain amount of time.


It is therefore no surprise that golf shoes get destroyed after only a few months of buying them. And add that to the fact that shoes are a bit on the pricey side and that results to a problem especially to any golf enthusiast.


There are however ways in which one can take care of their golf shoe to extend its life span to its maximum.

Here are some simple tips that you can use to take care of your golf shoes:

First, always use a shoe horn when storing your shoes. Golf shoes are pretty soft, especially the toe part, and therefore get out of shape very easily. That’s why it is highly recommended to always store your shoes with shoe horns at the end in order to avoid the golf shoes getting misshapen.


Next, always remember to put foot powder on your shoes. Especially when you have really sweaty feet, the shoes have a strong possibility of retaining the odor of the feet that last wore them. The same holds true for the advice to wear socks especially when wearing them. When the feet sweats, the soles usually stick to the insoles of the shoe and might remove the insole from the base. Dried sweat on the insoles left untreated is what causes the foul smell on the shoes.


Third, you can scrub the debris and mud off by just using an old toothbrush and water. There is no need to scrub vigorously when cleaning the shoes as it has the possibility of ruining or scraping the outer material off the shoes. Always remember that golf shoes are mostly leather and so vigorous and reckless scrubbing of the outside can really damage the leather easily.


Moreover, always remember to store your golf shoes in a cool and airy place. Most golfers tend to keep their shoes inside their golf bags. This is a wrong move as there is a high possibility of mold growing inside the shoe as molds thrive in a damp and sweaty environment. Storing the shoes in a cool and airy area allows the sweat to evaporate and air to circulate inside the shoe which also releases any unwanted odors inside them.


If the shoes were used when trudging in the pond or any other wet areas, be sure to stuff them with paper immediately. This is to dry the insides faster and also to avoid mold growth inside the shoes.


Finally, never use a hair dryer or put your shoes inside the washer or dryer. Remember that these shoes are leather and so placing them inside the washer can damage the material. Using the hair dryer to dry them can also damage the material. Air drying is always a good way to dry your shoes. There is no shortcut to drying your golfing shoes. Golf shoe might be very expensive and delicate, but with the proper care and maintenance, their lifespan and use can really go a long way. It’s all a matter of patience and extra attention on them.



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